Reforming Arts Conference

Video Lectures from 2017

The following lectures were presented at the Reforming Arts Conference in Appomattox, Virginia, in 2017. Speakers included Jane Raymond, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, Michael Minkoff, Breezy Brookshire, Will & Bethany Smith, and several creative workshops for conference attendees. These lectures are also available directly on the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy's YouTube channel by clicking here.

What is Art?

by Jane Raymond

Unmuzzling Our Artistic Ox

by Michael Minkoff

Art's Influence upon Culture: Profile of Albrecht Durer

by Jane Raymond

Artistic Symbolism Displayed in the Tabernacle

by Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond

Systematic Creativity

by Will and Bethany Smith

Artist & Craftsman: Turning Your Passion Into Service

by Breezy Brookshire