Exhibit at The Art Gallery

We highly suggest that you read this and the "About" page before filling out the exhibit inquiry form at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The Art Gallery will consider any form of art to be displayed or performed including 2-dimensional visual art, 3-dimensional displays, literary and performing arts which respect our philosophy, worldview, and the following criteria points listed below. All potential projects will be reviewed by the Art Gallery Board to be considered for exhibition or performances. The general purpose of this ministry is to lift spirits and bring encouraging thoughts to hearts and minds.

General Guidelines for Art Display

Please read and consider the following criteria if you are interested in displaying or performing at The Art Gallery of New Geneva:

  • All mankind is created in the image of God and therefore, by the grace of God, is able to do and perform good works as God determines. Art rendered as “good and acceptable” is simply a reflection of God’s imputed ability upon that person, so therefore the work honors the Creator, not necessarily the artist himself. An artist does not necessarily have to be of the Christian faith for the work to be considered for display.

  • All categories of art will be considered for display including representational, symbolic and abstract. Since all categories of art are exampled throughout creation by the Creator, they will be considered for display at the AGNG.

  • Depictions of the Lord Jesus Christ: The Art Gallery of New Geneva will avoid depictions of facial or full body images of the personhood of Jesus. Although we firmly believe that the Lord Jesus is all man as well as all God, we believe that avoiding physical depictions of Jesus is not only the safest path, but also will help to avoid added confusion about the issue. Consideration will, however, be made in certain cases such as historical context, educational purposes, and within some artistic uses depending on the overall design presented. The AGNG reserves the right to determine the work to be displayed in its gallery.

  • Nudity used within Artwork: Blatant nudity, harsh depictions of violence, or other such images will generally not be accepted for display. While such themes may or may not be truthful or Biblical, the AGNG endeavors to be a family-friendly place where no one will feel uncomfortable or hesitate to bring their children. Veiled expressions within the work may be accepted and will be considered on an individual basis.

  • The Art Gallery reserves the right to accept or reject artwork that is questionable or not in accordance to the guidelines as explained. Subjects that can spark strong divisions (such as political for instance) may not be accepted. Once projects are submitted for consideration, the AGNG review board will consider pieces on an individual basis, and will notify the artist.

Logistics for displaying at the Art Gallery:

  • Length of Time for Exhibiting: Generally, an exhibit will be on display for one month to 6 weeks, unless otherwise agreed upon between the Gallery and the artist on the Agreement Form. 

  • Setup and Dismantling of Exhibit: The Art Gallery of New Geneva will arrange the setup of wall displays. The artist must bring work no earlier than two days prior to the exhibit date unless agreed upon. Artwork must be ready for hanging with wire backing and frame if applicable. The artist is responsible for retrieving his work on the Monday after the completed exhibit date, unless otherwise agreed upon. The Gallery will not assume responsibility for the artist’s work beyond the agreed pickup time. The Gallery will do all that is possible to preserve and protect the artist’s work while in its care, however the Art Gallery is not responsible for damages by natural disasters, undetermined happenings or elements beyond its control. If an artist desires to have an Opening Event at the beginning of his/her private exhibition, details will be settled between the Gallery and the Artist on the Agreement Form.  

  • Fee for Displaying: The Art Gallery of New Geneva does not take commissions for any work. Rather, the Art Gallery charges a flat fee for separate sections of the Gallery. We also offer a "per art piece" rate of $15. "Themed" exhibits will be charged only $10 rate per piece (up to 3 pieces). If you’d like to see our floor plan for displaying at the Gallery, click here. Contact us to learn about display fees and logistics. Performance arts and private events will be negotiated separately and detailed on the Agreement Form. 

  • Online payments can be made at: https://give.cornerstone.cc/newgenava.  Please designate what the payment is for. The Art Gallery of New Geneva is an extension of the non-profit ministry of the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy, www.newgeneva.us. Donations can be directly made to the ministry through our donation page, or checks/money orders can be sent to: The ITR, PO Box 778, Appomattox, VA 24522. Donations are tax-deductible.

Contact the Art Gallery

Art Gallery location: 1878 Church Street, downtown Appomattox

Mailing address: PO Box 778, Appomattox, VA 24522

(434) 352-2667

Regular hours of operation:

Thu: 2-6; Fr 2-7pm; Sat 11:30-3, and open for special events

(closed mid-December through January)